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How can Truckers Dispatch get me a truck driving job?

In 2002, professional truck drivers held a total of 3.2 million jobs in the United States. Since then, that number has dramatically increased as the demand for qualified and experienced drivers to fill available trucking jobs has increased. Our nation relies heavily on the trucking industry to transport and deliver the commodities that make daily life possible, making truck drivers the backbone of the American economy.

As a result, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in the transportation industry. Truck driving companies are offering record salaries, competitive benefits, and more flexible schedules for truck drivers. Furthermore, many companies offer lease programs which enables drivers to become independent contractors and lease out their driving services to the companies that need them.

Why Truckers Dispatch

Whether you are a trucking veteran looking for a new job or interested in attending truck driving school to receive CDL training, we can help you find the right career opportunities for you. Truckers Dispatch has established relationships with a wide range of national and local truck driving companies to help drivers find a rewarding job that meets their career needs.

If there is a certain state or region that you would prefer to work in, simply let us know on your application. Each applicant will be matched with a skilled agent specifically assigned to assist them in their job search. From over-the-road to dedicated to regional, Truckers Dispatch matches you with the best truck driving jobs in your area. If you would like to work for a specific carrier, we can help you locate your preferred

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